Whats YOUR purpose?

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Workout With A Purpose.

The Rival team is all about making sure you get your best workout to achieve the results you want. That means caring ownership, management and trainers available to offer training tips, pointers on form, and who are there to greet you everyday.

Don’t live to
be fit. Be fit
to live.

Training focused on the way your body moves and functions. The Rival philosophy is that what you do in the gym should enhance your life outside the gym—whether that means it’s easier to haul your groceries home or complete your first marathon.

Rival your
own way.

Rival Fitness brings you the best of the world of fitness so you can work out the way that works for you. Personal training, so you know you have to show up? Got it. Rowing class at the same time every Tuesday? Check. Cardio, weights and functional fitness equipment so you can put your head down and get it done? Got that too.


that goes beyond your cooldown.

What makes a gym more than a gym? Rival Fitness offers members regular informative seminars, events and fun! Some of these things: “happy hour” workouts, nutrition classes, and massage programs. Have more ideas? Let us know what you want to see!

Now open.  And ready to Rival.

510 E. Pine Street, Capitol Hill, in the heart of the Pike Pine Corridor


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