A New Workout Creating New Results

Posted February 13, 2019

Karla  Karla II 

A new year and a new workout for Karla M. who joined the Winter 2019 Strength Squad program. We checked in with Karla to see how she’s doing.

Why did you join Strength Squad?
I was a little scared to join Strength Squad, honestly. I was really starting at the bottom in terms of strength after several years unable to be in the gym. But I joined with hopes that it would be a safe place to begin – knowledgeable coaching, a pre-programmed format to follow, new friends to go through it with and accountability to keep me overcoming my fear week after week.

What have you learned so far?
Strength Squad is my first time deliberately training specific lifts with a plan for increasing intensity over time. I have learned that that is an incredibly efficient way to train! I’m getting stronger every week. Plus, having Sean there is helping me really perfect my form for highest possible output and lowest possible risk of injury. And let’s be real, I’d never do this without a class time ON my calendar and a group there that I know I’m accountable to. This is the best possible route to my peak fitness.

How has your body responded?
I joined Rival after several months disability (I have MS) – the group fitness classes improved my endurance, my cardiovascular tolerance, and my balance plus helped me shed a few pounds and got me to a good baseline of strength. From there, I was able to start really lifting in Strength Squad, where I am seeing my strength grow in leaps and bounds. I feel better and stronger climbing stairs, getting up from a chair and lifting things around the house. The difference is remarkable in such a short period of time! Plus I look as fit as I did in my mid 20s!!  

What do you like most about the program?
I am hopeless to ever work out by myself – especially in the mega intimidating free weight area. I love knowing I’m accountable to attend the workouts, that I’ll see the coach I’ve come to really adore and rely upon, that friendly faces are going to be in the room with me and that I’ll get the personalized guidance and attention my body needs to thrive. It’s the right combination of accountability, motivation, programing and guardian angelship. And I just LOVE the results!

Do you take Rival classes, and what are your thoughts on how they complement Squad?
I take ALL the classes! I do early morning HIIT classes to move quickly and burn calories. They train my endurance, cardiovascular health, balance and agility. Plus they’re just fun and a great way to start the day. I LOVE the variety of spin classes and use those for my BIG hits of cardio. The core workouts we get in Cycle and Core is a little blast to my abs that I don’t get anywhere else. Overall, the balance is really great.

Anything you can say about the group aspect of Strength Squad?
I came into a Strength Squad group that’s been together for quite a while and I am definitely the new kid. But there’s something about seeing the same people week after week, experiencing a punishing workout together and enjoying the comradery of the pursuit. There are days I won’t want to go, but I know how much my team members’ presence motivates me, and so I go in hopes I’ll motivate them too.

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