If you’ve tried group fitness before, you know what a rush it can be to work out alongside a bunch of similarly motivated people. At Rival, we believe that the supportive team environment created in our classes is an important complement to individual workouts and personal training. New to group classes? Give us a try!

Indo-Row: Indoor Rowing
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Have you ever marveled at those athletes on the water rowing in perfect unison across the lake?  We have.  And we’ve brought that experience indoors.  Indo-Row is an indoor rowing class offered exclusively by Rival Fitness in the Seattle area.  A total body workout in a group class format taught by certified instructors, Indo-Row will no doubt be one of your favorite Rival classes.

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New York Times:  Rowing Revives in the Gym

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Find out why indoor cycling, or spin, has become a nationwide phenomenon. We’ll fit you to your bike and guide you on a journey with music timed to your ride. On the ride, you’ll scale hills, go all out with short sprints, and we guarantee you’ll sweat. No prior biking experience is necessary, but after a few classes you may well want to hit the road or trail on two wheels!

Endurance ride: 60 minutes of hills and sprint work.

Ride & Row (R&R)

Combining the sports of cycling and rowing adds a necessary component of cross-training to your workout regimen. The format will vary, whether it’s 30 minutes on each or a Ride/Row/Ride, to ensure that members are challenged and engaged in their ultimate goal of continual progression- not plateauing!


This circuit-training class maximizes workout time by incorporating different types of stations that target major muscle groups using the Indo-Rowers as a base for cardio and different types of exercises/equipment that strengthen the arms, core, and legs.

Triple Threat

Are you ready for the Triple Threat? Based on High Intensity Interval Training principles, with sets ranging from 1-1.5 minutes, working within 5 different modalities, the distinguishing factor in this workout is the varying combination of these apparati: TRX, RIP Trainer, ViPRs, and Kettlebells.

Core Fusion

Part yoga, part Pilates- part mind/body, part core. Stretch, sculpt, lengthen, and breathe- this is an essential component to anyone’s fitness.

Field Day
Rival Fitness

Remember field day? Fun, friendly team competitions that will stymie that sense of purpose and motivation, and remind you that total-body workouts come in many forms- obstacle courses, relays, FUN….

Rival Fitness

Leave the doldrums of the office behind- come create chaos and play for an hour! Monkey bars, wall ball, races- expect anything and everything in this workout that will leave you happily exhausted and ready for happy hour.  See Recess on King 5’s New Day NW

Kettlebell Conditioning
Rival Fitness

This class touches on all aspects of strengthening and conditioning- slow, heavy lifting and metabolic circuits and new skills, with the ever-versatile kettlebell- the exercises and equipment used will continually vary and keep you on your toes!


TRX is suspension training using your own body weight to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.  A TRX workout is an effective total-body workout and benefits people of all fitness levels.


Four words: High Intensity Interval Training. This 45-minute class will vary between strengthening and cardio formats, but will be 100% anaerobic every time. Your body weight will never feel harder to utilize than during the exercises done in 20 second intervals for 8 rounds- it’s a must-try for everyone!

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How To Rowing Tutorial

Rival Fitness Rival Fitness

How To Rowing Tutorial

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Netanya Borish - Member Services Director

Netanya is a Seattle native.  She graduated from the University of Washington with a BA in Women’s Studies and a certification in Public Relations.  As a young girl, Netanya was active in athletics and developed an affection for softball, which she still enjoys today. During her time in college, she became a Lemond Certified spinning instructor, sparking an interest in teaching that she has pursued for the last eight years.  In addition, she has a certification in Barre and Kinesis.  From these experiences, she has gained not only a love for fitness, but also a passion for helping others to achieve their fitness goals.  In her years of fitness experience, she has found that confidence in oneself is key to success in reaching one’s potential.


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