FIT Squad


APRIL 10 – JULY 1 (12 WEEKS)


FIT Squad is a proven small group training method that Rival founder Jim Mahan developed to deliver consistency, accountability, progression, and results.  FIT Squads are offered seasonally and include three different areas of focus: Strength Squad, Iron Squad, and Kettlebell Squad each in 60-minute sessions with 4 to 6 members.  Check out the specific descriptions below.

The 2017 Spring Schedule includes Iron, Strength, and Kettlebell Squads with a FREE 3-month Stamina membership (value $495).

SIGN UP NOW: Email or call (206) 257-1507

NEW! Kettlebell Squad

A new addition to the FIT Squad small group training program at Rival, Kettlebell Squad introduces a progressive training program that focuses on mastering the movements and benefits of a kettlebell workout. Whether you’re an avid lifter or new to strength training altogether, you’ll benefit from the expert guidance of Ridge as you work to mastery of the swing (two-handed, single-arm, double-bell) and other ballistic exercises like the clean, snatch, and high pull. Over the course of the 12-week program, you’ll gain expertise in these movements and realize strength, core stability, and fat loss benefits in a safe and supportive environment.

Iron Squad


Whether you’re new to the gym and wondering how to get started or an experienced lifter stuck in a rut of benching and curling, Iron Squad is for you. Iron Squad is a linear progression strength program that puts a special emphasis on the scientific and technical aspects of barbell lifting.

Iron Squad is led by Rival trainer Sean Manseau and over the course of the 12 weeks, you will master the proper technique of the squat, front and bench press, and the deadlift to achieve strength beyond what you would imagine for yourself.  You will have a very specific “road map” with three lifts per day and dedicated days for “heavy” and “recovery” lifting.  Incremental increases in the amount of weight and corresponding decreases in number or reps will result in maximum strength gains.

What a typical workout looks like:

  • Warm-up (position-based movements related to the specific lifts performed during the workout)
  • 3 lifts – 3-10 reps @ 3 sets (Sean will consistently instruct and monitor your form to ensure precision and mastery of each lift.)
  • Accessory work focused on conditioning

Who should sign up for Iron Squad?

  • Those who enjoy setting stretch goals and working hard to achieve them.
  • Those who have an interest in mastering the form of key barbell lifts.
  • Those looking to make significant gains in strength.

Three-day-a-week commitment required.

Strength Squad


Strength Squad is a dynamic program specifically focused on gaining lean muscle through workouts that incorporate slower movements and heavier strength lifts. 60-minute sessions will change weekly and the programming follows a linear progression for strength building using the basic barbell lifts (squats, overhead press, deadlift, and bench press) in the 5-rep range. In addition, we will add various barbell, dumbbell and kettlebell movements in the 8-12 rep range for lean, muscle building.

Over the course of the season you will utilize a wide-variety of moves and equipment under the direction of a personal trainer. Moves can be adapted by the trainer to make accommodation for your individual needs. As well, we will track your body measurements throughout the season utilizing the InBody assessment and measure your strength gains.

What a typical workout looks like:

  • Warm-up
  • Basic barbell lifts at 3 sets of 5 repetitions
  • Series of exercises at 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions
  • Cool down stretch

 Who should sign up for Strength Squad? 

  • Those looking for accountability and camaraderie with your workout.
  • Those who would benefit from working under the guidance of a personal trainer.
  • Men and women looking to build lean muscle, increase metabolism, and to make significant strength gains.

Twice-a-week commitment required.

FIT Squad General

FIT Squad is a workout for the entire body to work the body’s larger muscles, with a focus on functional movements and building a strong core. The program is progressive over the course of the season and is a timed circuit driven training program (18-20 reps) to build strength and endurance. FIT Squad offers the benefits of personal training and is ideal for all fitness levels.

Who should sign up for FIT Squad: 

  • Those looking to add a new total body conditioning workout to their classes and cardio-only training regimen.
  • Those new to fitness or just getting back into fitness.
  • Those who will benefit from a structured routine with a personal trainer and a defined time commitment.
Fit Squad Schedule SIGN UP FOR FIT SQUAD

Cost for the Season:

  • Strength Squad (two sessions per week)*
    • 3 monthly payments of $260 +tax (total $780 +tax)
  • Iron Squad (three sessions per week)*
    • 3 monthly payments of $390 +tax (total $1170 +tax)
  • Kettlebell Squad (two sessions per week)*
    • 3 monthly payments of $260 +tax (total $780 +tax)

*FREE 3-month Stamina membership (value $495) for Strength and Iron Squad. (Valid for current and new members.)

FIT Squad Testimonials

“Before Iron Squad, I never had much interest in lifting weights. I always focused on cardio to stay fit. I cannot believe how much iron squad has changed the way my body looks and feels. My waist is smaller, I have muscle definition and I am much stronger.  I wanted to learn the basic lifts well enough to be comfortable doing them on my own. Sean’s teaching method and coaching gave me the skill and confidence to continue training on my own.  I am amazed that I am able to lift the amount of weight that I am now able to lift and how it has changed the shape of my body in a relatively short period of time.” ~Kristi


“I love FIT Squad – I jumped into a session that had already started in the late summer and I’m happy that I did!  The commitment to FIT Squad helps my overall motivation to get to the gym regularly – I never know what’s coming in the next FIT Squad workout so I know that I need to keep myself conditioned.  FIT Squad is fun & challenging – Jim is creative and very thoughtful with his progression of exercises.  For me, the best benefit of FIT Squad is how it translates to life outside of Rival – I’m stronger, faster and have more endurance on my road bike, my yoga practice continues to improve and I feel better conditioned in the other Rival classes (i.e. rowing).” ~Rebecca


“Before joining FIT Squad, I had never, as in ever, really been to a gym.  About a year and half ago, I started FIT Squad with little confidence that one hour a week could make a significant difference. I was astounded to see the progress I made in just a few months.  Not only did my physical conditioning improve but my mental conditioning did also.  I had more energy, clarity and focus in my daily life and work.  The training and skills I learned in FIT Squad allowed me to try new things.  While continuing FIT Squad with Jim, my schedule now includes 4 to 5 days a week of cycling, rowing, and other outdoor sports.  To say that one hour a week of FIT Squad changed my life would not be an overstatement.” ~Keith


“FIT Squad has definitely helped me get into the best shape of my life. I used to just do my own thing at the gym, alternating weight lifting with cardio exercises. Problem was that I’d only work a few muscle groups at a time, mostly arms and chest, and I never built any core strength. Now with each FIT Squad workout, I build on previous efforts and I finally have core strength and endurance. FIT Squad is a total body workout, and I have actually gained 5 pounds of muscle, mostly in my legs and core muscle groups.” ~Jim



Spring 2017 FIT Squad Schedule

April 10th – July 1st (12 weeks)
Sundays Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays Saturdays
Sundays Mondays

5:00pm (Strength w/Ron)

6:00 pm (Iron w/Sean)

7:00 pm (Iron w/Sean)


6:00 am (Strength w/Josh)

7:00 am (Strength w/Ron)

6:00pm (Strength w/Ron)

7:00pm (Strength w/Ron)


6:00 am (Strength w/Jim)

7:00 am (Strength w/Jim)

5:00 pm (Strength w/Ron)

6:00 pm (Iron w/Sean)

7:00pm (Kettlebell w/Ridge)

7:00 pm (Iron w/Sean)


6:00 am (Strength w/Josh)

7:00 am (Strength w/Ron)

6:00pm (Strength w/Ron)

7:00pm (Strength w/Ron)


6:00 am (Strength w/Jim)

7:00 am (Strength w/Jim)


9:00 am (Iron w/Sean)

10:00am (Iron w/Sean)

12:00 pm (Kettlebell w/Ridge)