Training at Rival has always been next-level. With some of the most talented trainers the city has to offer and the best equipment to boot, folks who train with Rival leave every session feeling awesome. We firmly believe that fitness is for everybody.

This holiday season we’re taking things up another notch by offering our training four-session package for $260 each (not including tax), instead of the standard $374.


These holiday gift packages include a Rival Fitness water bottle and t-shirt, as well as a gift card for four one-on-one 60-minute sessions with a Rival trainer. Packages can be used by members and non-members alike, which makes them the perfect gift for that friend of yours who wants to kick their New Year’s Resolution into gear. Or, you could even treat yourself with a pack.

Each first-timer will receive an initial assessment as a part of their first session to see where they stand and establish a plan of attack to bring their wellness goals to fruition.

We have quite the gamut of training experience among our training staff, with everything from kettlebell certifications, to pilates and bodyweight, TRX, power-lifting and strength training, and specialized women’s training techniques. We welcome people of all fitness backgrounds and lifestyles and each trainer works to create a safe, empowering, and enriching workout environment for every client.

Feel free to stock up on as many four-packs as you’d like to keep you going and each package must be used six weeks from their first use. This offer is viable until the end of December 2017. Anyone with questions should send us an email at or give us a call at 206-257-1507.

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Learn more about the InBody520, a tool our trainers use to gauge body composition for each client.


“I came to Ridge initially for help with rehabbing an ankle injury. I had such a good experience, I returned when I found out I had severe disk degeneration in my low back. Stress and lack of sleep were causing me to suffer an autoimmune flare, and I was depressed and scared.  After physical therapy and plenty of chiropractic, I was ready for training. Ridge has worked with me from day one where I was barely touching my toes to the present where I am deadlifting half my body weight. His patience, sense of humor, passion for kettlebells, and interest in alternative healing have been integral to my rehabilitation. I am forever grateful to Ridge and I would recommend him to anyone, but especially those who need a little extra help trusting their bodies again.” – Kristen A. 

“I went from squatting 45lbs to 105lbs. But it wasn’t until three different people complimented me that I knew it all wasn’t my imagination, I was actually making progress! Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy… but I’m always happy after each session. Ron makes the workouts super fun and he pushes me, which I love, but never makes me do something I just don’t want to do. Ron and Rival Fitness ROCK. But honestly, me putting on an outfit and feeling confident is by far the top reason why I keep coming back.” – Ada A. 

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