Rival Personal Training Team

All Rival personal trainers are all professionally trained and certified through nationally accredited organizations. The team is your personal resource for tips and guidance to ensure that your training experience at Rival is effective, safe, and specific to your individual needs goals.

Get to know the personal training team below.

Ron Moodey
Rival Fitness


Ron began professionally training clients in 2008. His fitness journey has included studying barbell training, kettlebell sport, endurance training, pilates, and bodyweight movements.  Ron programs workouts and regimens based on each individual need. He prioritizes acquiring strength, quality movement, developing new skills, and enjoying the process. He is an excellent listener, and will keep you motivated to continue, even when it is difficult. You will see your goals reached, and have fun doing it.

Ridge Carpenter
Rival Fitness


Ridge began his training career in New York, he developed an early attachment to movement and functional strength training via the classic methods of barbells, kettlebells and bodyweight calisthenics, and has since expanded his practice to include suspension and sandbag training modalities. He believes everyone has a right to a physical culture, that strength is a skill inseparable from safe movement, and that both strength and movement should be practiced and refined daily.

Ridge wants a few things for his clients–first, to move well (and, it follows, to move often); second, to develop strength and capacity on top of that movement base; and third, to apply those foundational attributes to improving the quality of their life in whatever way may present itself (which ways, it can be asserted, are limitless).

1) How long have you been training for? I’ve been a trainer for five years now.

2) In a nutshell, what made you become a trainer? The main reason I entered the training world was to try and help other people derive the same lifestyle benefits from physical culture that I have–It’s not just about lifting weights!

3) Describe your training philosophy. What does “fitness” mean to you? “Fitness” has become an annoying catch-word, but to me it really means the ability to perform a task. What’s your task? We’ll start there. One more thing: as a teacher told me, the only time ‘fitness’ comes before ‘health’ is in the dictionary.

4) What are some of the things you like to learn about someone when taking on a new client? What types of practices do you use to help them achieve their goals? With new clients, I like to learn a bit about who they are, where they’re coming from as an individual and how that relates to what they want to get done here in the gym; in other words, we need to identify their point “A” and their point “B.” I’ve found that most folks haven’t entirely figured out both, as our goals usually center on “I want to stop being A” or “I want to become B,” so our initial conversation is a bit of a team effort at finding the missing piece.

5) What do you like about training at Rival? Training at Rival is great because it’s free of gimmickry! We’re not selling you a product or a canned method or slogan, we’re actually looking to give you the mental skill set to make the best of any program or implement.

Zach Platis
Rival Fitness


  • W.I.T.S. Personal Fitness Trainer Certified
  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

Zach’s approach is centered around the time-tested idea of traditional weight training. Form is king, results come from a routine that focuses the work where it needs to be and keeps people free from injury. Shoulder health, one of the biggest issues in gyms everywhere, is especially important in his workout programs. So many physical fitness routines don’t last, whether due to injuries, lack of interest or perceived benefit – that’s what Zach seeks to overcome with his training style. The fundamentals of weight training are not only crucial to developing a strong workout routine, they also yield the best results.

1) How long have you been training for? I have been into fitness and weight training for six years. I have been a personal trainer for ten months.

2) In a nutshell, what made you become a trainer? What made me become a trainer was the love for weight training and wanting to share that love with other people. Also, I’m a people person and being able to help someone better the lives is very rewarding.

3) Describe your training philosophy. What does “fitness” mean to you? My training philosophy is mastering the basics. I really like to focus on “heavy” compound movements – like squats, deadlifts, overhead press, bent-over barbell row, etc. – and then really focusing on mastering the form. Perfect the form first, and then the weight will come. Fitness to me means feeling great physically and mentally. I want my clients to gain confidence in the gym.

4) What are some of the things you like to learn about someone when taking on a new client? What types of practices do you use to help them achieve their goals? First, what made them decide to start exercising? Then, if they have specific goals they’re trying to meet, whether it be weight loss, weight grain, or just wanting to feel better. I like to do whatever I can to make training fun and able to keep track of progress. If people see progress, then they get motivated, which makes reaching a goal that much more achievable!

5) What do you like about training at Rival? Training at Rival is great. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. The facility is very well equipped, with a variety of equipment. Whether it’s barbells, kettelbells, RX, or if you want to go wild on a punching bag – Rival has it all. Not to mention keep very clean and well maintained, which I feel is important.


Mitch Lee-Peterson
Rival Fitness

Born and raised in Seattle, Mitch has expansive life experience from being a metal musician, international fashion model, and even an FBI intern – each of which contributed to make him into he is today. Taking up a real passion for fitness and nutrition while abroad, Mitch decided to come back home to Seattle to study and become the best and most well-rounded trainer he possibly could in the belief that knowledge and understanding is the basis of every healthy lifestyle. He is NASM Certified and currently studying to become a Fitness Nutrition Specialist. He specializes in strength training with an emphasis on hypertrophy and power-lifting.

Heather Robinson
Rival Fitness

Heather grew up playing volleyball & running track in school which is where her love of sports and fitness began. She continued playing volleyball in adult leagues after graduation and started focusing more on weightlifting as a way to stay in shape and blow off steam. As her love for weightlifting grew she started helping friends, co-workers & family members achieve their health & fitness goals with online & in person coaching. Growing up in a southern(ish) family, health and fitness was never made a priority, or even given a second thought honestly making her appreciate even more the importance and benefit of staying active. She really enjoyed helping those close to her and knew she wanted to do more. After bring very active personally and professionally in the fitness industry for 10+ years she admits to putting off getting certified too long and did things a bit backwards at first but is now 100% dedicated to helping others reach their health and fitness goals working as a NASM CPT and group fitness instructor. “I just want to help people be the best possible version of themselves, even if I have just a tiny role in their life I want it to be a positive one”

Kenzie Scofield
Rival Fitness

Kenzie is a lifelong athlete with eight years of coaching and almost two years of Seattle fitness instruction under her belt. She’s a certified ACE Group Fitness Instructor, as well as a Schwinn Indoor Cycling MPower, Kids + Family Yoga, and IndoRow Instructor. She’s also an Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Her promise is to bring energy, enthusiasm, and fun to every class, and wants folks to leave feeling rejuvenated, empowered, and energized.

When she’s not teaching at Rival, Kenzie leads children’s yoga classes and hangs out with her Golden Retriever, Sherman.

Erin White
Rival Fitness

Fitness has always been a constant in my life in some way, shape or form. To me, the time when I am sweating and challenging myself, is a time when I feel invincible and strong no matter what the day has brought, and that strength carries over into other areas of my life. That feeling and passion is something that led me to my journey of being a coach/ trainer. I wanted to empower others to find that. I have been coaching strength and conditioning for 7 years and discovered CrossFit about 2 years ago.

My style of coaching is a mixture of CrossFit (Olympic lifts and gymnastics) as well as total body strength and compound movements. I want to inspire others to not only move, but move well. To be able to learn about the mechanics of the movements and understand what they are working. From there we adapt, progress, and get stronger. It’s about feeling good and getting just a little bit better every day. For me it’s about helping others discover that “ah ha” moment and realizing just how capable they really are. That in turn carries over to their everyday lives.

Personal Training Membership
Rival Fitness Rival Fitness

Our InBody520 is a State of the Art body-composition reader which provides in-depth analysis of lean mass, fat storage, and water retention. Training clients benefit from being able to step on the InBody periodically to receive detailed reports on the progress of their goals – whether it be fat loss, muscle gain, or even gained mass in your trunk or extremities.


“I came to Ridge initially for help with rehabbing an ankle injury. I had such a good experience, I returned when I found out I had severe disk degeneration in my low back. Stress and lack of sleep were causing me to suffer an autoimmune flare, and I was depressed and scared.  After physical therapy and plenty of chiropractic, I was ready for training. Ridge has worked with me from day one where I was barely touching my toes to the present where I am deadlifting half my body weight. His patience, sense of humor, passion for kettlebells, and interest in alternative healing have been integral to my rehabilitation. I am forever grateful to Ridge and I would recommend him to anyone, but especially those who need a little extra help trusting their bodies again.” – Kristen A. 

“Zach is very diligent and attentive about ensuring the proper form is used during all exercises, while also using it as a teaching opportunity. He pushes you for a steady pace of improvement and changes up aspects when needed, while always keeping his clients’ goals and health in mind.” – Jacob O. 

“I went from squatting 45lbs to 105lbs. But it wasn’t until three different people complimented me that I knew it all wasn’t my imagination, I was actually making progress! Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy… but I’m always happy after each session. Ron makes the workouts super fun and he pushes me, which I love, but never makes me do something I just don’t want to do. Ron and Rival Fitness ROCK. But honestly, me putting on an outfit and feeling confident is by far the top reason why I keep coming back.” – Ada A. 



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