As we continue to monitor guidelines regarding COVID-19, we are taking our classes online to continue our mission of supporting and building a healthier community. We will be hosting daily workout classes at noon on our Instagram channel @RivalFitness. Join us live at noon beginning Thursday, March 19th, for a full body workout that will keep your body moving during these days spent inside. Each day we’ll provide a unique workout that you will be able to do in the comfort of your living room. Does it get any better than that?

No specific equipment is needed. We’ll be providing you with suggestions for weights using household items (hello, wine bottles!). If you’re looking for recommendations of simple pieces of equipment to order, send us an email.

Class Schedule

Tuesday, April 7: Triple Threat with Darsenio
Wednesday, April 8: Tabata with Kyle
Thursday, April 9: Triple Threat with Kenzie

Can’t make it at noon? Each class will remain on Rival’s Instagram page until noon of the following day. Be sure to follow along and tag us if you’re joining us.

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Sundays Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays Saturdays